Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DDragster cars
We painted our dragster cars, we painted it again and we are going to paint it next week. We are going to race our cars in three weeks time and we are going to race outside and some people are going to cut the car. My number on my dragster car is going to be number 8. Zhirens number is going to be number 11 and Falcons number is going to be number 9.  We were having fun and i am going to do
black and red as my colours.

Dragster cars

Thursday, October 22, 2015

WALT: write a fictional story
about a picture of our choice
I took a dog for a walk
to the mountain and then we
went back home. In the
morning I walked to school with my dog and after school my dog and I met up with my friend my house
for a play. My friend went back home and I
went to a forest with my
dog and I had a picnic
with my dog and we slept
in the forest. I saw
Zhiren with his hamsters
and we had a picnic
together and then we went
to the waterfalls.